Saturday, 13 May 2017

Life Drawing - Reflective Statement

I found life drawing a lot of fun as it gave me a chance to get away from the computer screen and relax. I have done life drawing before so I knew some of the things I had to look out for such as shading and body proportions but this time I didn’t have to spend time trying to get everything right as we were allowed to draw more freely.

There were times when I felt that what I was doing wasn’t working or didn’t feel right but this might have come from the fact that in the past I had to make sure that my drawings were in proportion or followed certain art direction, so the fact that I was allowed to draw freely might have thrown me off a little and made me scared to try new things.

When I got used to working more freely I found myself trying out new things such as drawing in pen and paint along with adding in the background so that the figure was not left floating on the white page. I have learnt a lot by doing life drawing each week and it has reminded me that sometimes it is best to draw something on paper before doing it on the computer.

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