Major: Pop-ups 2

I've been working on the rest of the pop-ups that will appear in my animation. As I was making then I was thinking about the feedback that I got for the first set that I had made and tried to implement it in designs, but I feel that some might need to be re-worked.

Major: Music Ideas

I have been thinking about what type of music I would want to use in my animation. It has given me some trouble as when I have been running the animation through my head I haven't been able to hear anything clearly as to what it would sound like. I've tried to look around for some ideas but haven't found anything that has given me solid idea as to what could work.

When I watching this clip it seems to be the closest to what I'd imagine my animation would sound like if I was watching it on a young children's show. The music fits with the actions and personalty of the characters along with helping to set the mood of the scene, e.g. using long drawn out drums to build up tension.

This one is a lot gentler and also has the feeling of it being hopeful and inviting. I also feel that something like this might be good for the begining of the animation, but part of me feels that something like this might not fit the world of my animation, but the magical feel is something t…

Major: Pop-ups 1

Have been working on some reworks for my pop-ups that will appear in my animation. The pop-ups are designed to illustrate parts of the characters dialog as I can't cut away to the different scenes. In the animation's world there will most of them will appear and move round the characters.

Parts of the pop-ups will be see through so that they don't cover up the whole of the character as they move in front of them. This idea came from looking at wooden laser cut Christmas decorations. I might go back and tweak the designs a bit more when I have finished the other pop-ups, as there is still parts floating inside the hoops for some of them.

Major: Stage Test

After getting some feedback on the world that my characters are going to inhabit I set about creating a mock up of what it might look like, along with getting an idea of how I would make it.

The idea being that the characters would be located on one the rings with the pop-ups appearing and moving around them as if they were wooden clockwork toy boxes. One thing that I will need to think about is how the pop-ups are going to appear in the scene, they could come up from trap doors in the different parts of the stage but that doesn't help me with the problem of how they are going to move. As there could be the issue of them moving through the different parts of the stage when they are not meant to. In the center of the stage I have put a small dome that would act as the Earth.

To create the backdrop for the animation the idea would be to have a texture background to help give the idea that the whole set is making while, really, it's staying still. The idea to make this happen wou…

Major: Character Rig Test

Character Rig Test from Rhia Crouch on Vimeo.

This is a test for the rig that I am using for both of my characters in my animation. Both the characters have the same rig so I only did the test on one of them.

Major: UVs

Had to go over Moon's UVs again before moving on to Sun's.

I hope that when I start to texture my characters the seams don't show up but hopefuly as they are going to be mostly blocks of colour this shouldn't worry me to much.

Major: Project Proposal

For my final project for my time at university I am continuing with my minor project with the aim of createing a finished animation at the end of it. This has been the goal since I started this idea in my second year but now is the time to finally complete it.

I still have a few things to finish off and a few things that I need to start on, such as completing the characters and starting to think about the environment designs.

The best way that I can make sure that I achieve my goal end is by setting myself a series of smaller goals that will help to build up to the final product. I don't feel that making a long drawn out plan will help me that much, as I might panic if I start to see I'm falling behind in my tasks, but it would be nice to see what I need to do next and set myself a time limit to do it.

As for the final hand in I plan to have complated:
Characters fully rigged and texturedEnvironment designed and createdPop-up props designed and createdThe Making Of documentThe …