Improving Animation: New Sun Face Textures

Sun now has his new face textures so that it fits his colour pattern alot better. Now that I can look at the character with this new face set it does feel that it is sitting alot better on the face now.

Improving Animation: New Moon Face Textures

It has taken me awhile to fixing up Moon's face textures as I have been busy with other things, having a small technical problem along with getting sick and not being able to get to the computer. But I have finally finished her new textures and I have to say that they are adding a new level to her design.

Improving Animation: Character Eyes

After having some time to step away from my work I can now see some of the parts that I need to work on to complete my animation. One of the starting points is reworking the characters' faces so at they fit more with the characters' overall design. This would mean changing the whole shape of the eye along with using a different set of colours and textures to make them sit better on the face.

When I get a better idea of the colours that I am going to be using I can start to work on the overall eye shape. Note: Both of the number 1s in the image below are the original designs that I have been working with.

Major Project: Reflective Statement

Major Project Submission


Major: Updated Turn Arounds

The completed textured models of Sun and Moon. This time their textures have the final designs and effects on them along with a closer look at the characters' crowns.