Friday, 31 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage - Checkpoint Thumbnails

These first three thumbnails where done before I gave my pitch as I was trying to work out what the checkpoint would look like and how I could make them look like a character.

These thumbnails were done after I got some feed back on the art style I was using. I had step a way from the metallic gray that I was using and make the checkpoints seem more clear and friendly. After this I started looking at the Portal games and the art style that has been used for it, mostly white with small amount of colour.

Any feed back is welcomed.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage - Pitch Feedback

Overall, I had some pretty good feedback for my pitch and my idea seemed to go down quite well. The main feedback I got was just little things that I could tweak to help fix up the overall design and story of the animation. This included:

1) Using softer colours for the background and stepping away from the deep red I have been using.

2) To not use colours like grey for the checkpoints or convey belts as this, and the point above, is making things a little dystopian, instead I need to make it friendlier looking with softer edges.

3) Maybe give each of the checkpoints their own personally; this has got me thinking about the different personality cores for the Portal games and how they can help me in my design.

4) To think about how I could use sounds to help with the point above.

5) Adding in a cell that doesn’t pass to show what would happen in the cell cycle if this happens.