Friday, 12 May 2017

Fantastic Voyage - Reflective Statement

For my animation, I tried to create an animation that would explain the cell cycle in such a way that it would be easy of the viewer to understand the basic information and not have to go through unnecessary text to find what they are looking for.

I tried to push myself a bit more with this project as it was the last one of the year and I used all of the feedback that I was given form my other projects to help me not make the same mistake again or to think again about something when I was planning everything out. This meant focusing on my influence maps more, working on what the overall feel to the world would be and thinking about the audio and how it would add to the animation.

I have found that I can model in Maya a bit better and finding little tricks to help me create what I needed to make my animation. Animating everything was a bit of a struggle as I felt I was making everything move too slow or too quick but I quickly got round this by moving the key frames and turning off some of the models.

Designing in Photoshop is still thinging I’m not confident in but I have learnt some tips that could help me create my designs a lot quicker, I think the main problem I have with Photoshop is the number of brushes as then I was working on my concept art I started to spend too much time working out what each one did. The only way I think I’ll get around this is to just stick with some of the basic numbers and see what effects I can do with them.

The only thing that I felt let me down was the sound design. I didn’t want to use music after the mishap I had in the last project so I just used different sound effects of the parts that moved. However, I quickly noticed that the ideas for the sounds that I had in my head where going to be quite hard to make even if I’d recorded them myself, this lead to some of the moving parts not having sound at all or having sounds that didn’t much the world I was making. I think my best bet from now on is to use sound websites to find what I need or to get an idea of what I could use to make the sounds myself.

I did feel the pressure of having to create something for someone else as well as it being made up of facts and I felt that it did effect my attention for detail in getting everything right. This project has also helped me see of how much “learning on the job” happens in CG animation and along with planning out how something is going to happen so. However, putting together all that I have learnt over the year has made me see how far I have come in such a short time. It has also made me see what areas that I'm not that well suited for but also what areas I find easy and can get done quickly. But over all I’ve had fun and can’t wait for the next year.

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